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Diagnostic Equipment

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  1. Dry bath incubator

    Laboid Digital dry bath incubator LDBI-48 is designed for maintaining constant temperature of samples in test tubes (5ml) inserted in the aluminum block sockets. Unprecedented high precision and uniformity of temperature over the block. It is widely used for PCR-analysis, extraction of DNA and RNA from cell cultures.
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  2. Needle Destroyer

    Laboid Needle Destroyer is an electrical equipment to destroy used NEEDLES by burning and destroy SYRINGE by cutting.We can protect nursing staff and society from transmission of diseases due to NEEDLE stick injuries
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  3. Vein Finder

    Laboid Vein Finder is the new export quality model of Laboid with stronger illumination to find deeper veins. LVF-221 is a useful device at times of difficult situation where vein access becomes a challenge.LVF-221 helps in detection of desired vein and highlight vein bifurcation.This device can be used in various specialities like ANAESTHETIC , PAEDIATRIC , ONCOLOGY, NURSING Homes , PATHOLOGY LABS , Nephrology BLOOD BANK , OPERATION THEATRE , ICU , NICU ETC where phlebotomy / I.V. calculation & blood collection.
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